“My wife is also my shopping buddy…’ >>> more

mb---Hans-BeyerinckIMG_8764Hans Beyerinck: “My wife and I have been married for more than 25 years,
we both love beautiful clothes. The moment she suggests to go shopping,
I’m already jumping into our car!
I might even buy a dress for her. I know exactly what kind of dresses she likes.

Hans detail
When I visited Italy last year, it was the first time I spotted jackets with these wide lapels.
This jacket was tailor made by Jacob (Bart Sorée) in Amsterdam.
I love beautiful shoes, I probably have over 300 pairs, most of them made
by Santoni
These are cufflinks that I inhereted from my father. The watch is a Chronoswiss

 This is an original way to have your gloves with you. Typically Hans, as you can see here
At the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam where we also took some pictures, we
this Bentley. I think this ‘voiture’ would suit Hans perfectly.