De 4 best gelezen artikelen van de afgelopen periode

Another month down, time for another monthly roundup. One of the most loved posts published over the last period are the photos I took during the opening of the Puck&Hans exhibition in Amsterdam. It doesn’t surprise, of course, it is nice to look at people who are dressed up so well. People are more and more interested in second hand and vintage stores. For example The Groningse Diva, really an address to remember! Jacuqeline Hoiting wearing an original Puck & Hans jacket. She bought it about 40 years ago. Finally, some tips I collected from the different women I interviewed earlier and my own golden tip.

Couture Locale

snap shots opening Puck&Hans ‘Couture Locale’

First class 2hand

The ‘Groningse Diva’



Jacqueline in a original ‘Puck&Hans’

Golden tips

5 Tips to keep in mind

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