De jas die mijn moeder nooit zou dragen |

My mother’s coat

Lenny Moeskops (1940) lives in Amsterdam. She recently starred in SWAG, a show from splashy women between 30 and 80, sharing their personal stories about fashion and beauty ideals. Lenny told a story about her mother and the coat she would never wear. I wanted to know more about it.

De jas die mijn moeder nooit zou dragen |


Lenny: “Her entire life my mother was sewing and working with fabrics. It was also her livelihood, especially after the separation from my father. My mother, sister and I moved to one of her brothers in Amsterdam, the three of us could sleep in a small room in the attic. My mother was a seamstress and worked for other people. If she had to work, my sister and I could not stay with her brother, so she took us to her sewing addresses. Therefore I already learned early to play and tinker with fabrics myself. I’ve always loved it and learned a lot from her. Occasionally I still work at the sewing machine, I still love it. Creativity can be a source of relaxation.

De jas die mijn moeder nooit zou dragen |


My mother and I disagreed on many things, we were both a bit stubborn. She also wasn’t a hug mother. But the love of fabrics and sewing brought us together. On Monday, we often went together to the Westermarkt in Amsterdam to buy fabrics. Together looking for the most beautiful fabrics gave us both so much fun.

De jas die mijn moeder nooit zou dragen |

Recently I made these trousers. Originally it was a big scarf, but I don’t wear scarves. So…

Marker threads

My mother died in 2011 at the age of 92. I still miss her, although we stayed together for a long time. I remember the sad moment we had to clear out her home. She still had a closet full of fabrics, patterns and Burda’s. Because she made clothes until she died. Everything else was obviously difficult, but she kept sewing. I found some unfinished pieces like a blouse and this coat, with marker threads. I wore the coat during her cremation, thereby she felt very close. Now I wear it occasionally, sometimes I see women looking at the threads, but so far no one has asked why they are still in it. Strange, isn’t it? ”

de jas die mijn moeder nooit zou dragen |

Lenny also designs and makes hats.


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