Het nieuwe boek van Tziporah Salamon: The art of dressing

by: MisjaB

The title of the book by Tziporah Salamon is very telling: The art of Dressing. Ageless, timeless, original style. In the Netherlands, this style icon is perhaps not (as yet) known as Iris Apfel. This will undoubtedly change. It is a woman who has a natural sense of color and style and absolutely refined it over the years. She sometimes buys a piece of clothing (mostly vintage or second hand) and it takes sometimes years before she can combine it exactly with other acquisitions so that it forms a perfect outfit. And, not unimportant how she can enjoy it!


When people ask what kind of work she does, nowadays her answer is: “I dress”. That does not mean that she is only busy dressing. She regularly teaches style seminars titled: ‘The art of dressing’. She also performs in her one-woman show: ‘The fabric of my life’. a sartorial visual autobiography. For Lanvin, she was a model in advertising campaigns. In this book, published in 2017, she shares her style advice and tips.

Het nieuwe boek van Tziporah Salamon: The art of dressing

New York

Tziporah Salamon lives in New York and is a striking appearance in the streets. She usually cycles through the city, in one of her beautifully composed creations. Often with a bicycle in matching colors with her outfit. She is also regularly photographed in the New York press. She became the muse of the famous fashion/street photographer Bill Cunningham. After his rather sudden death, Tziporah told me about their special friendship.

Het nieuwe boek van Tziporah Salamon: The art of dressing

From Berkeley hippie to New York Chic

Much attention in the book is given to her love of clothing and how important the role of her parents played in this. And about how she has developed herself in clothing over the years. How her style has grown from hippie to New York chic. In addition, she interviewed a number of women. Women who also have a passion for clothing, like herself. As artist Beatrix Ost and Valerie von Sobel. And like Amy Fine Collins who writes for example for Vanity Fair about design, fashion, and vintage. When I saw her pictures in the book, I immediately thought: “I’ve seen that lady before”. Below are two photographs of her that I made in New York during the Fashion Week in 2015. Occasionally she wore the same creation as on the photos in the book.


Enrica Caretti

Looking at the photos of Tziporah you do not get bored quickly. She has so much eye for beautiful color combinations, fabrics, and details. It is, therefore, a book that inspires and invites you to browse again and again. All the women in this book are very well dressed and stylish. But besides Tziporah I find the, originally Italian, Enrica Carretti one of the most beautifully dressed women in the book. In this photo, she wears an old Japanese fireman’s jacket, combined with pearls and Adidas sneakers. What a find!

Het nieuwe boek van Tziporah Salamon: The art of dressing


Het nieuwe boek van Tziporah Salamon: The art of dressing

Fashion illustrations are not used that often nowadays, so it’s a surprise that there are several in this book. They were made by Nadeesha Godamunne, known under the name Mokshini. I really like it and think it’s a fantastic addition to the photos.


The art of dressing, 2017
Rizolli International Publications


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