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Tips of Parisiennes

Parisiennes seem to have a natural feeling of style and fashion. They dress as if they ever think about it, they have a ‘je ne sais quoi’ style as it is called as appropriate. Appearances are deceptive, from the style guide La Parisienne (Terra) written by Ines de la Fressange shows us that they do keep a few golden rules. The good news is that they do want to share those rules with us ! Therefore here some useful tips from this book.

Ines de la Fressange

A bag is important


Don’t choose your bag (and shoes) in the same color. Unless you are still under the age of thirty. Furthermore, everything is possible, from animal prints to bright red. Personally, I don’t think a backpack is such a good idea. Your bag does not necessarily have to be a Chanel! The bag you see in the photo is purchased at &Other Stories. Most important is to choose a bag that suits you.

Shoe parade



Many women love shoes, just as they like bags. It is simply how a pair of shoes can change your whole look. According to ‘the’ Parisienne, it’s better to have one pair of beautiful shoes than a closet full of junk. And high heels are nice, but only if you also can walk well in these shoes. Otherwise, you turn completely wrong.


Chic and cheap


The overall look is ‘passé’. We know this for a long time. If you want to dress like a Parisienne, you make a clever combination of chic and cheap. Or of new and vintage. As a beautiful cashmere sweater with a vintage bag. Or expensive pants with a blouse by COS. It’s a simple rule: never buy a complete set. Do not buy all in one style, but combine. This makes it exciting.

When it feels good, put it on

You’ll never hear a Parisienne complaining that her skirt is too short, her dress too tight or her heels too high. The Parisienne knows her body and knows what suits her and her lifestyle. And more importantly: the secret of a fantastic style is ‘feel good in what you wear.’


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New brands

The Parisienne loves discovering new brands, especially if they are affordable. She can be quite happy with a find from a department store like Monoprix. Because a wardrobe of a Parisienne is a clever mix of cheap and affordable purchases and a single luxury item. You can not tell if her jeans are by H & M or Hermès. She also does not give out her entire salary to a latest ‘must have’. She doesn’t slavishly follow fashion, but only chooses a detail that belongs to the latest trends. That’s part of her charm!


Finally, look well around, just like the great designers do. The Parisienne finds her inspiration in the street (and on blogs of course)! A trip to Paris now and then is also a good idea.

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Jardin du Luxembourg

Keep laughing

However, the most important tip I read in this book is: “Keep laughing at fifty and way beyond”. Do you agree?


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