Trude: "As a perfectionist it is difficult to find a balance in it.."


I took pictured of Trude and her friend a few years ago during Sieraad Art Fair. At the last fashion show at Mevrouw Jansen. I noticed that she was she the maker of the special bags that were shown: Trude Hofsté (1945). Those bags made me curious, so of to Alkmaar I went. Entering her apartment, it was obvious that Trude is not only creative, but she’s also a collector. Of art, special furniture, but also (old) jewelry.


La Primavera

Trude: “I have always been interested in clothes and as a child I wanted to make things myself. It started with making doll clothes, just like many women did. Together with a partner I had an atelier and a shop in Haarlem for years. La Prima Vera was the atelier where the collection was made: we purchased the fabrics and designed the clothes. I always liked best designing wedding dresses. We sold the clothes in our shop next door: Prima Donna. After that period I studied at the Rietveld Academy. My intention was to start sculpting, but a teacher adviced me to follow the training for illustrator; unfortunately I did not finish this. After that period I lived in Italy and Portugal for a while and after my divorce I lived, until last year, in Friesland. Here I finally started sculpting.”


“I collect a lot, including jewelry. Together with one of my daughters, I sell jewelry at trade fairs, for example during the collectors fair at the Utrecht Jaarbeurs and during Designer Vintage Sale at the Amstel Hotel. Gathering stuff has also led me to make bags. It started in Friesland, I had one antique bracket, but I was not satisfied with the bag that was attached to this bracket. All the fabrics, straps and beads that I have kept in the course of time now come in handy. I love to be busy with it.”

They are real pieces of art, richly decorated with beads and sequins. With funny details, such as the earring and the ring above!

Each bag is unique. And carefully finished as well as from the outside as the inside (with the signature of the maker.


“My way of dressing cannot be captured under one style. And I also have no favorite designers, although I think te designs of Valentino designs and the Armani couture are very refined. For me, clothes should be elegant and feminine. I have always been critical, but lately, I do not wear clothes that I have not changed a bit. I quickly see what is wrong and why it ended up in the sale. I also like to buy second hand; the nice thing about it is that you do not often come across a second one. Especially not when I transform it a bit. Sometimes it’s difficult when you are like that, it takes a lot of time and therefore there is not much time left to do any household work. This bugs me sometimes, as a perfectionist it is difficult to find a balance in it.”

Trude: "As a perfectionist it is difficult to find a balance in it.."

Most beautiful purchase

“I often buy things for little money, second-hand for example or on a sale. At an auction in Haarlem, I found a rack full of evening clothes. I bought a beautiful sleeveless dress made from silk tulle and with a low back. The pleated skirt was embroidered with gold. In the end, I sold the dress to the Costume Museum in The Hague. That’s where this dress belongs. I also bought this black coat, I love it, but it is not a coat I often wear. I’ve become a little rounder lately and I notice that I still have a tendency to wear clothes that are too small. So it’s very disappointing when I notice that it does not fit. I like looking good, so every day I do my best and I do not leave the house without make-up ”

Trude: "As a perfectionist it is difficult to find a balance in it.."

Bags for sale

Creativiteit is de rode draad in Trude's leven

The good news: Trude also sells her bags. The prices vary; this has to do with the value of the used antique bracket and the (silver) beads, stones or charms that have been used. The prices are between € 175 and € 350. If you want to know more about it, please mail Trude



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