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Vogue Fashion Night Out in Amsterdam

The PC Hooftstraat was September the 9th totally ‘en vogue’. Vogue Magazine organised the yearly Vogue’s Fashion Night Out. Visited by a lot of, most young fashionables. But I spotted also some, slightly older fashion lovers.

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Babette (1949) was born in Amsterdam. Lives elsewhere nowadays, but this week back in town in order to look after the cats of her children. And this evening on her way to the Rijksmuseum, in order to attend a lecture about Japanese imprints.


vogue-fashion-night-out-| MisjaB.nl

Gonda Dullaart (1963) is personal stylist. Blouse by Couples, suit by Amatør

vogue-fashion-night-out| MisjaB.nl

It’s obvious, Gonda is wearing a real Chanel bag round her shoulder!

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shoes by Essentiel


vogue-fashion-night-out | MisjaB.nl

Because of Marjo’s dress, you can see it’s a warm summer evening. Marjo (1949). Dress by Yarn Unit.

vogue-fashion-night-out | MisjaB.nl

The dress has special details. On the front a part of a jersey, and on the back right in the middle a kind of valance. Marjo: “I bought this dress years ago. It’s perfect for a night like this”.


vogue-fashion-night-out | MisjaB.nl

This ‘Vogue’ boy has a rose for every lady


vogue-fashion-night-out-| MisjaB.nl

I saw this little ‘golden’ bag in the window of the Chanel shop in the PC Hooftstraat. I think it will suit me…

Sietske and Harry

vogue-fashion-night-out | MisjaB.nl

And ‘last but not least’ the charming couple I photographed last year during Vogues Fashion Night as well: Sietske and Harry. They live ’round the corner’ and enjoy to make a little walk together every evening.

vogue-fashion-night-out-| MisjaB.nl

Getting older and you need a walking stick? Chose a stylish one and keep on polishing your nails!


Sietske (1933) is wearing a jacket designed by Georgio Armani. Sietske: “I bought it some 10 years ago, I still like it. For me, it’s important to dress up every day, even if I only have to go to a supermarket.”



@GastonWals took this photo during VFNO.

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