What a delightful reunion.

Delightful reunion

Some years ago, during one of my first visits to the Sieraad Art Fair I saw her for the first time. Yvonne van der Houwen, a very strikingly dressed woman. Because there was no opportunity to take photos that evening, I visited her later (in 2013) in her hometown of Zutphen. I took the photos below for my column in Zin magazine.    


You can imagine what a surprise it was we met again during the last Sieraad Art Fair (2019). And luckily: Yvonne has remained true to her style and still wears hats and jewelry. Yvonne: “The day that I no longer feel like putting on something nice and no longer wear hats and/or jewelry, my husband knows that I’m not doing so well”. Gray or beige still do not occur in her wardrobe. This day she wears a lovely red top by Henrik Vibskov.


Yvonne and her husband (who is behind her in the photo) are both fond of making long bike rides in Europe. But even then, once at their destination, they want to look good. For example, Yvonne said that they once cycled to Prague. They had thought in advance that they wanted to attend a concert. Of course, you can’t take too much luggage on such a bike ride. But Yvonne invariably ensures that there is at least a suitable outfit for both of them for a concert. So that they also look well dressed at the concert hall.



Yvonne loves accessories such as hats, bags, and jewelry. And especially on hats that she buys at home and abroad. She told me in 2013 that her collection has more than 200 pieces. I just think it has become a few more in the meantime. The golden tip Yvonne likes to share:

“Show more guts and stay with your own style!”

I did not photograph Yvonne for my book Oog voor Stijl. Who knows, maybe that will work for the next part. She was nevertheless happy with a signed copy! This fall I’m going to more places for a meet & greet and to sign my book. Perhaps also at times in your area: here you can see the program.

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