Een bril onderstreept je persoonlijkhied|


Els van Rossen (1951) from Rotterdam, has been working for more than 20 years as a sales consultant at several opticians. She chose my last frame by Frances Klein. That didn’t take hours, in fact, it was the first one she grabbed for me and it was immediately the right one. Quite often I get compliments and I am still very happy with it myself. I wonder how she comes to a choice for her customers.


How do you give advice to a new client?

Els : Of course it’s important to look at someone’s clothing. But I think the total look is even more important. A nice conversation helps to understand more about someone’s personality, in order to understand what kind of frame might fit. When we start trying a frame I listen and I look very carefully to someone’s reaction, it gives direction to my advice. Overall good looking, listening and asking questions is the only way to come to a good advice. Most of the time I find the right glasses for my clients in the first three or five ones I show.  A lot of colleagues sometimes mess up the whole store. That makes a customer restless and uncertain. And makes it even more difficult to make the right decision.”

Do you follow the ‘rules’ of face shapes?

“No, I don’t. One of those rules is that a round frame doesn’t fit a round head. But when a round frame happens to be perfect for a person’s personality, it may just be fantastic. So those rules are not leading in my opinion. I’m looking much more to someone as a person. Most important is that the glasses supports your personality . ”

How often do you buy a new frame yourself?

“If I see a frame that I like and really seems a good addition, I buy it. I prefer to wear my black, round frame because it fits lovely to the black and white clothes I often wear. But I also have a big round frame in pastel. I prefer that one to my colorful clothes. A good frame is a kind of extension of your personality, especially if you’re slightly older. Consider it as a beautiful accessory. Iris Apfel is a role model, she is my style icon. ”


Iris Apfel

Are there any trends?

Yes, I see more and more metallic glasses and oval models from the nineties as well. But it will take some time before it continues.

What do you like most about your job ?

The most enjoyable aspect of my job is to get to know the man and woman behind the glasses!

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