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Willem Nijhof: "Mijn interesse in mode begon met schoenen..."

Fashion & Style

Willem Nijhof is a man with style. I have been following him on Instagram for a couple of years, but I had to be patient and wait a while to be able to photograph him for my blog. He’s 51 years old now, so it is possible! We meet at the Eye Film Museum; he brings his daughter Mischa along. She has plans to go to the Photo and Film Academy after the secondary school. And so she is interested in everything that has to do with it. Willem (1967): “I was born and raised in Oene (Veluwe) and still live there. I had my own car company that I sold ten years ago to do something completely different. Now I work for a company that sells everything car dealers need in terms of software: the so-called Dealer Management System. To do this I travel throughout the country. One of the reasons why I became interested in fashion.”

Willem Nijhof: "Mijn interesse in mode begon met schoenen..."


“My interest was awakened by the recycling of car tires, of which beautiful bags and belts were made. I had never been interested before, but I found it fascinating to see how people make designs. That’s in general how my interest in shoes and clothes started. What I like best is to see is how designers give a new face to a shoe with just a small detail. In the automotive industry, they are intrigued by the way I dress. My boss informed me that there were two customers who had some objection to my dress style. My opinion is as follows: most people in this branch come in jeans with a shirt, a jacket, and a briefcase. I only have to visit them once and they will recognize me afterward. I, therefore, see it as my business card.”


Willem Nijhof: "Mijn interesse in mode begon met schoenen..."


“I really enjoy strolling through a city and getting inspired. For example in Amsterdam, Antwerp or Milan. Every once in a while I go to a fashion fair and I find a lot of inspiration via the internet, like clips of fashion shows, Instagram and Pinterest. Eventually, I create my own style. That style is still fairly basic, slightly conservative with a small twist. My shoes for example. I like many designs by Ann Demeulemeester and Dries van Noten.  Also Walter van Beirendonck, but for me, it is too intense. I have to take my surroundings into account.  In terms of clothes, I feel best when I am in Amsterdam. I like going to stores like Reflection, 2 PR (including Rick Owens), Tenue de Nîmes, Margriet Nannings. X-Bank, a store with different Dutch designers under one roof, is also very inspiring.”


Willem Nijhof: "Mijn interesse in mode begon met schoenen..."


“Fortunately, my wife is also fashion-conscious, just like our two daughters. The four of us like visiting a city. But in terms of shopping, I have the longest breath! I also like to go on my own on a Saturday or I use my lunch break to check out my surroundings. I do not have a style icon, I like to combine different styles and create something that is just right for me. I also buy 2nd hand, for example at Rosier 41, but in general, it is more difficult to find clothes for men.”



Clothes Willem:

sunglasses: Han Kjøbenhavn
trousers: Daniel Andresen
T-shirt: Filippa K
shoes: Sartoria Gold

clothes Mischa:

trousers: no brands, bought in a vintage shop in Brussels
Shirt: Minimum
Sneakers: Reebok

Willem Nijhof: "Mijn interesse in mode begon met schoenen..."

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