Photography Willem Nijhof for Zin magazine

Like every month, I made a photo for Zin magazine. This time I had an appointment with Willem Nijhof who lives in Oene. His style of clothing is striking, especially for someone who works in the automotive industry. He ran his own garage for years. Willem: “My world has become a lot bigger since I sold the garage. About fifteen years ago, I was still working in the garage all day long, and now I travel around the world for my work. I sell software to car dealers.”


“As long as you don’t know what’s going on, you will not miss it either. That’s true for many things, but also for fashion. In my case, it has been a gradual process. The clothes I see when I’m traveling are inspiring as Instagram is. I’m not afraid to try something new and different. I dare to ‘color outside the lines’. It brings unexpected compliments, people seem to make contact faster. I love it. ”


“My clothes are noticeable in the automotive industry, The waistcoat I wear today is from the German brand Das Werk. Out of used fabrics, they make new fabrics with a twist. The original pocket watch is a recent birthday gift. The doctor’s bag I found via Marktplaats and I use when I’m traveling. The shoes I wear today are made by Kops. It is my own design, I have also chosen the leather that has been used.”


Willem has two daughters Mischa and Lydia and they both have the ambition to work in the film industry. Lydia is a student at the Film Academy, Mischa will follow after finishing secondary school. Mischa recorded the photoshoot and the interview with Willem, she edited the film and Lydia made the great animations. It has become a wonderful, professional video! I am very happy with it!

The sisters Nijhof will succeed in film-business, do you agree?