Meet Irene Smallwood-Bosma, the ambassador
of this organization.

Irene SmallwoodIMG_0918

Irene:” In December 2015, I met Victoria Marie, director and producer of the
documentary ‘Gray Is The New Blonde’.
She announced me as her ‘Brand Ambassador.’
I’m very proud to represent silver sisters all over the world!
At that time I also spent a week in 
Wendy Packer’s model’s workshop
for Fashion Over Fifty and walked in her Chicago Bloomingdale’s show.
She too is promoting me as her FOF top model.
She came to London for my graduation tea and to share in meeting Daphne Selfe!
Daphne is the world oldest working professional model.

And, finally, my most proudest achievement was to graduate
from Daphne Selfe’s model’s workshop this past April 16, 2016.
Irene SmallwoodIMG_2743Daphne is promoting me as one of her accomplished international
model’s since I completed her workshop and came from abroad USA
to achieve that! I have admired and been following Daphne for several
years and hope to achieve my goal to work as a silver senior model
in my aging years like she has.

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